We are crazy about the moon!

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How to use


Make sure your 'wifi' and 'location' is turned on.

1) The main page shows your location on a map. Navigate around to find moon sighting reports near you!

2) The bottom right button takes you to the reports page (or the sign-in page if you haven't signed in yet). Here you can see reports sent in the last 72 hours. You can tap on each one to see the full report.

3) At the bottom left is the settings button. There you can sign in to and out of the app, read more about us or contact us.

4) The camera button opens the camera on your phone. Make sure to give proper permissions when asked. Our Augmented Reality will help you find the moon. Then take a photo and submit!



We need your internet connection to show you recent sightings and let you submit your own reports.


If you are to submit a moon sighting report, we need your location to help you find the moon and also know where you have sighted the moon.


Only if you want to take a picture of the moon and share it with everyone!